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Seki City is situated in the southern part of Gifu Prefecture. Since you don't have to change lines much, we recommend heading to Seki from Nagoya Station by bus. But a scenic trip taking in the views of the Nagara River by rail is also a pleasant journey. Driving yourself is also quite convenient for sightseeing in Seki City. Any way you travel, Seki is in central Honshu, and you can really get the most out of your trip by continuing easily to Kyoto, Osaka, or Tokyo.

By Bus From Nagoya Station

How to get to Seki by Bus

To go to Seki City by bus, head to the “Meitetsu Bus Center” at Nagoya Station. Go to platform number 23 and take the Gifu Bus / Nagoya Express Line toward "Seki Techno Highland" or "Mino". The closest bus station to Seki City Station is "Seki City Terminal". From Nagoya Station to Seki City Terminal is \1060 (as of December 2019).

How to buy tickets


About 3min

Meitetsu bus center

Check by Google Map

Meitetsu bus bound for "Seki technohailand" or "Mino"

About 1h 22min

Seki city terminal

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Total 1h 25min

By Train From Nagoya Station

How to get to Seki by Train

To go to Seki City by train, from JR Nagoya Station take the “Tokaido Main Line New Rapid” bound for Ogaki. At JR Gifu Station, change to the “Takayama Main Line” bound for Mino-Ota. At JR Mino-Ota Station, change to the “Nagaragawa Railway Line” bound for Hokuno Station. From Nagoya Station to Mino-Ota is \990. From Mino-Ota to Seki Station is \470. Because the trains are all general seating, you do not need to make a reservation. (prices are as of December 2019)

How to buy tickets

JR Tokaido Railway

About 25min

JR Gifu St

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JR Takayama Railway

About 40min

JR Minoota St

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Nagaragawa Railway bound for 'Hokunou'

About 20min

Total 1h 25min

By Car Centrair Airport

How to get to Seki by Car

Accessing Seki City via rental car: You can rent a car at Nagoya Station, Centrair Airport, and other locations. Going from Centrair, get on the Nagoya Expressway via the “Chita Odan Road”. Continue onto the “Tokai Hokuriku Expressway”. Get off at the Seki IC and head to Seki via Japan National Route 248.

Rent a Car Online Reservation

Centrair Airport

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Rental car

About 2h

Road map

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